Big Dreams

22 years ago almost to the day (half of my lifetime!), I started my career in this building as a shampoo (and eventually color) assistant at Frederic Fekkai. My goodness-the life lessons, the knowledge gained, and the blood, sweat, and tears that happened in this building. PRICELESS. It informs my work ethic to this day, and literally changed my life.

By Kadi

Notes on Sisterhood

I write this through so many tears. That may sound over the top to some, but, I was so overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude watching Serena Williams play her last US Open match tonight. But, mostly, my thoughts kept going back to her sister Venus- to sisterhood. I loved that she acknowledged her sister in a big way tonight, and that there would have been no Serena without Venus.

By Kadi

A Guide to Sun-Kissed Hair

I’ve been doing hair now for 22 years, and next week I turn 44. Half of my life spent learning all I can about my craft, and now, my first Vogue feature!  It’s a milestone that I’m super proud of, and that honestly makes me quite emotional...

By Kadi


One of our favorite sayings at Highbrow Hippie is “Get Free”. Freedom is integral to the way we operate. Free to do things differently, free to be and advocate for ourselves, and free to change our minds if something isn’t working. Through many years of roadblocks, we finally built and designed the Highbrow Hippie Atelier with our needs in mind, hoping that it would also meet a void that we saw in the beauty and wellness industries that was filled with a lot of sameness.

By Highbrow

How I Paint Confidently with ColorKick

Many of my newer clients first come to me looking for some sort of color rehabilitation and/or correction. Unfortunately, by the time they make it to my chair at the atelier, the hair cuticle is often so damaged that there is little to be done- the shine is just gone. So when I first tried ColorKick a few years ago, I was blown away at the difference in my clients’ color, and the overall health, texture and integrity of their hair post color service. It significantly changed the way I approached my balayage and other color processes.

By Kadi