Choosing Consciously: Six Steps To Picking Safe, Sustainable, and Effective Beauty Products

We’ve been talking about awareness lately and what it means to hold presence and incorporate conscious living into our daily lives.  For us, that extends to the choices we make around the brands we choose to support, the products we use, and the rituals we engage with.  Making these choices takes extra time and conscious effort and requires a certain kind of strength to stand strong in protection of our values.  It requires us to ask questions.  Why am I buying this product?  Are the ingredients thoughtful and health conscious? How do I decipher a product’s EWG rating?  Does this brand practice what they preach?  Does this company support the integrity of the planet?

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Although the weather in LA is trying to convince us otherwise, it’s officially summer!  That means, more time spent outdoors, at the beach, in the pool, and in the sun.  All that translates a little more rest and relaxation but also, more wear and tear on your hair. Some of your summer habits can actually be supportive for your hair’s health - but in moderation.  Sunlight can help increase circulation to the scalp, seawater can help nourish the scalp with trace minerals, and we all know about the overall benefits of Vitamin D.

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IN GRATITUDE // Keeping The Atelier In Order

This place. The Atelier.It’s a house for us all and that was always our intention from the beginning. We wanted it to be a space that was different, that was absent of all the hustle and noise of everyday life. From the beginning, we made sure the foundation of this house was infused with that intention. From the songs on our playlists to the scents that fill each room, every choice was and is made with the intention to make life a little more beautiful, more nurturing, and more peaceful.

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Kadi + Myka's Simple Home Rituals

"Having a simplified, uncluttered home is a form of self-care." -Emma Schleb True - but maintaining an uncluttered home?  Easier said than done.  With the added layers of work, relationships, travel, family, kids, etc. onto life,  sometimes our lofty goals of maintaining simplicity in our homes for the sake of peace ends up making us feel...not peaceful.  It actually ends up causing more stress. There's only so much we can accomplish in a day and times feel more turbulent and unsteady than they ever have.  It says something about life when even Marie Kondo is touting that we lean into messiness.

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Big Dreams

22 years ago almost to the day (half of my lifetime!), I started my career in this building as a shampoo (and eventually color) assistant at Frederic Fekkai. My goodness-the life lessons, the knowledge gained, and the blood, sweat, and tears that happened in this building. PRICELESS. It informs my work ethic to this day, and literally changed my life.

By Kadi