Remembering + Honoring Love

By Kadi

My friend and client Cleo Wade wrote a new book titled ‘Remember Love - words for tender times’, and I’d like to share a bit about it.


Remembering + Honoring Love Highbrow Hippie Blog Kadi Lee

I first read an early draft of this book when I was still freshly bruised from a traumatic experience in my life.  There was such an honesty and clarity in her words about heartbreak and friendship.  About feeling loss and finding ourselves again, that I ended up on the floor of her office with the pages in my hands, covered in tears from feeling a release that I clearly needed at the time.


Remembering + Honoring Love Highbrow Hippie Blog Kadi Lee

This is one of those important moments for all of us to be community centered.  To protect our peace and take a pause and allow space for healing.  We may not have immediate answers, but right now we need each other in this absolutely overwhelming time. 

 Remembering + Honoring Love Highbrow Hippie Blog Kadi Lee


I can’t wait for this book to be in the world- I know it will be a companion and salve for those feeling a bit lost, lonely or heartbroken, or those just needing confirmation that they are not alone.  We’ll also have copies available at the atelier very, very soon.

This Friday is the LA stop on Cleo’s book tour, and I and some of dearest friends will be heading there together, trying to hold space for each other and connect. If you head to Cleo's Instagram page, there’s a link on how you can join us. I hope you will. In the meantime, take care of yourselves, and be good to each other.


Remembering + Honoring Love Highbrow Hippie Blog Kadi Lee 

Photography: Liza Voloshin

Hair styled by: Hector Garcia

Color by: Kadi Lee

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