About Highbrow Hippie

About Highbrow Hippie

Highbrow Hippie was created to fill a void. Our goal is to expand the definition of a salon and return to  its historical meaning - a gathering place to exchange thoughts and ideas. Creating a sense of community, self care and a way to drop out for a few hours and focus on yourself.

Our intention is to refocus on self care, community and experience. What works best for our  customers is always top of mind and we hope that people will leave feeling inspired, connected,  grounded and maybe having learned something new - either about themselves or someone else. These small steps and attention to detail equal a huge amount of luxury in today’s fast paced and overly connected world. 

About Myka

creator   I   seeker of self  I   perpetual redecorator lover of all things wild and free 

A fashion, beauty and design junkie, Myka has always been enamored with beautiful things and making  things beautiful. It’s what led her to Paris to study Design Marketing and Management at Parsons School of Design, and subsequently  landed her in New York. The desire to move beyond clothing resulted in working as a trend forecaster and stylist – curating trends and creating beautiful environments. Since 2002 Myka has lived in New  York, Paris, Munich and Italy, tried her hand at furniture design, worked as an interior stylist and  creative consultant. A serial entrepreneur, her journey has led her to explore and discover different  parts of herself. Eventually she landed in Europe where she spent several years before returning to her  hometown of Atlanta where she opened WAX, Atlanta’s first waxing only studio and then BUFF, Atlanta’s  first natural nail bar. 

In 2014, during a challenging time in her life, she was feeling feel stuck and unfulfilled so decided to get her certification as a Purna yoga teacher, a spiritual practice that had been her life companion for the past 15 years. Taking this step allowed her to become more fully aligned with her purpose and catapulted her into a state of self awareness and growth in order to fully step into the life she was  creating. Not only her life, but that of her son - it was while she was training to become a yoga teacher she became pregnant. Becoming a mother placed her firmly in another stage of her life and she found  that Highbrow Hippie became the vehicle for her to express herself most fully. It allows her to  synthesize all the varying parts of herself and explore all her passions daily. Her best skill is curating  environments and experiences to create a vibe, and bringing all the pieces together to create a  cohesive whole. 

Highbrow Hippie is truly an extension of how she lives her life on a daily basis and represents the things  that are most important to her - community, personal growth, self care, simplicity, good design, eco -  friendly practices, self awareness and a healthy approach to consumerism. It’s a combination of the  things she’s loves and does best: creating the perfect space to bring beauty, wellness and conscious living into other people’s lives. 

3 Things You Can’t Live Without: If I had to choose I would say, my family, music and yoga. I like to keep it simple.

Personal Style In 3 Words: Vintage. Bohemain. Evolving.

Favorite Indulgences: Weekend naps with my son & annual solo birthday trips.

Zodiac Sign: Leo

About Kadi

hair colorist I writer I style enthusiast I frustrated florist I mentor I brand builder I connector 

Since beginning her career in 2001 in New York City with industry titan Frederic Fekkai, to relocating  to Los Angeles and collaborating with the legendary Serge Normant, Kadi’s work and life has been inspired and informed by nature, understated glamour and a “less is more” approach. With the launch of Highbrow Hippie, she finally gets to realize all of her realities in one place- her belief in excellent service, her amazing and dedicated clientele, her love of style, and her commitment to the planet. A  self proclaimed introvert, her constants are focusing on others, being true to, and proud of, her authentic self, and never being afraid of putting in the hard work. 

Specializing in balayage, color correction, color changes for film, and natural/organic hair color, her  current and past celebrity clientele includes Julia Roberts, Amber Valletta, Diane Von Furstenberg, Danica Patrick, Elizabeth Hurley, Sigourney Weaver, Kristin Davis and Suki Waterhouse, amongst others. Her work has been featured on the covers of publications like Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, InStyle, and Vanity Fair, and in major campaigns for brands such as Lancôme, Cover Girl, L'Oréal,  Blumarine, Escada, and Aveeno. Kadi’s philosophy is healthy hair above all. Over the span of her 20 year career, Kadi has seen the damaging effect of color when done carelessly, and had developed a careful & thoughtful technique and approach that keeps hair health & integrity front of mind.  Her skill set shines with this approach, slow and natural beauty. 

Cited as “One to Watch” by Allure Magazine, Kadi also recently became the first ever African American  colorist to be signed with the renowned management agency, The Wall Group. 

Ideal Vacation: I’m a creature of comfort, so I take refuge in places that feel familiar. The Half Moon in Montego Bay, Jamaica (my native island) is my happy place.

Favorite Indulgences: Bi-weekly manicures and pedicures (standing all day and working with chemicals is murder on my hands and feet), any of Evan Funke’s handmade pastas from Felix Trattoria on Abbot Kinney, and cashmere gowns from Ralph Lauren for special occasions.

Book That Has Influenced Me The Most: Bird by Bird, by Anne Lammott No matter how big the goal, one foot in front of the other will get you where you want to go.

Zodiac Sign: Leo