6 Scents that will transform your vibe at home

This month we've been chatting about all things wellness and some of our go to's for a quick reset. For me, scent is in the top 5 along with sleep, proper nutrition, movement and time in nature. It's certainly one of the most important elements in my home and gives me an immediate sense of well-being. I tend to gravitate towards woodsy, green scents with subtle floral undertones. Scents that (at least for me) feel like a warm hug next to a fireplace, reading a book after smoking a joint and gazing out the window at the mountains beyond. I love having my place smell like me - it invokes a vibe and to me that is important. 

By Myka

Kadi + Ashley Discuss All Things Scalp Care

We talk a lot around here about our favorite hair care products, routines, and rituals. As Black women, weekly hair rituals have been a part of our experience for as far back as we can remember. From at-home hot oil treatments, scalp massages, and hair steaming to protective styling and DIY hair masks, we've seen and done it all. Not only are these routines a way for us to care for our hair but they're an opportunity to slow down and focus on ourselves as well.

By Kadi

Myka's Fave New Beauty Finds

Fall is my favorite time of year. The crispness in the air, the changing leaves (yes, even here in LA!) and the darkening evenings ushering me to bed by 9. This slow transition towards Winter invites us to slow down after the busyness of summer and prepare ourselves for the slower days ahead. It’s also my favorite time of year to assess my beauty routine and double down on all things moisture before the challenges of dry winter skin and hair set in. In addition to doubling down on moisture, I’m really paying attention to streamlining and finding products that do double duty. 

By Myka


I took these pictures on March 24, 2018. I was in Washington, DC at March for Our Lives the anti-gun violence march organized by students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL. The school had been the site of a mass shooting a little over a month before. As the mother of a then 2.5-year-old, I was outraged and disgusted that we lived in a country that allowed this to happen, that gun manufacturers and their needs were...

By Myka

How to Choose A Crystal

I never pick a crystal, it always picks me. When I go into a crystal shop, I see what I'm attracted to, feels good in my hand and typically, it's always what I need. Lately I've been drawn to malachite. It’s all about flushing out toxic emotions, clearing away unwanted energies, and ensuring that negative vibes stay 6 feet away at all times. Kind of perfect for this post-COVID existence. One of the best descriptions I found online was from Tiny Rituals....

By Myka