If you follow us in stories, you saw that a while back I did a skin detox. For 7 days I didn’t use any products on my skin – no cleanser, no toner, no serums, no moisturizer – nothing. I wasn’t trying to correct any issues or streamline my skincare routine, I simply wanted to … 

By Myka

New Moon Eclipse Vibes

On the 2nd of this month, we ushered in a new moon and experienced a solar eclipse marking something that takes place every 18 years. While reading up on what all this means, I learned that something is being eclipsed out of your life and a new beginning is about to take place. You sync … Continue reading "new moon eclipse vibes"

By Myka

10 Things That Change After Becoming A Mom

My life changed on October 5, 2015, the day I gave birth to Harris. A joyful, curious and independent spirit who loves to read, ride his bike and dance. I thought I was prepared for the changes motherhood would bring, but I soon learned that I didn’t have a clue how far reaching and deep these changes would be.

By Myka

Balayage 101

I am obsessed with hair color. I stare at everyone’s hair color at the airport, on the subway, even when I get my morning coffee.

By Kadi

My Morning Routine

By now all of us have heard that the secret to success lies in your daily routine. Over the years I have figured out that my day is fully dictated by my morning. 

By Myka