By Highbrow

Looking back, so much of Highbrow Hippie’s growth has been shaped by and chronicled through places. Whether it be the places that we will forever call home, those that we’ve temporarily made a home, or the places we’ve traveled to time and time again that feel like home, we’ve written about almost every one of them and they’ve come to be an integral part of Highbrow Hippie’s story.

Venice is, of course, one of them. It’s the first place, in well over a decade, that we both have called home. It’s also the official birthplace of the Atelier, and for a reason. So much of Venice embodies the spirit of Highbrow Hippie. Venice is unique, inquisitive, and enigmatic. It’s fiercely itself - a place with its own heartbeat and vibration, where ocean breezes and creativity collide.

For us, Venice is a strong reflection of our mindsets, our ideas and thoughts, and at its essence, speaks to our outlooks on the world. It’s both Highbrow and Hippie so it made perfect sense to launch the Atelier in the heart of Venice, on Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

Like anything, it hasn’t been perfect. We were met with more than our fair share of challenges and resistance from the neighborhood. Much more than we expected from a seemingly welcoming and progressive place. However, on the other side of it all, Venice is still the place.

This neighborhood is filled with some incredible people and places. Whether it’s a slice at GTA, a burrito from Butcher’s Daughter or a much needed mezcal negroni at Felix, the local businesses fill Venice with so much heart. In honor of the place we call home, we put together a shortlist of some our favorite local spots. Head to stories to check them out!

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