By Highbrow

Highbrow Hippie started as a blog in 2012 but our story began long before that.  

Our friendship began nearly three decades ago, during our time at Spelman College, when we were sales associates at the same clothing store in Atlanta. As life would have it, we both went our separate ways after school, with Myka heading to Paris for grad school and Kadi heading to the Aveda Institute in NYC and eventually, working at Frederic Fekkai. 




In 2002, we serendipitously ran into eachother on Madison Ave, and quickly realized we lived in the same neighborhood in Brooklyn. After that night, and for the decades to come, our friendship has rooted and blossomed.

Our story and the story of Highbrow Hippie has endured and flourished - through new love and marriage, motherhood and loss, intercontinental and cross-country moves, career success, a dream snatched away and a dream come to life, an ever-growing team, a global pandemic, and my god, so much more.  

We’ve poured our hearts into this dream, despite distance and through time. Together, we’ve built Highbrow Hippie layer by layer, with the crescendo being the Atelier and along with it, the widening of our incredible circle of clients and the expansion of our tireless team.

In honor of the upcoming fourth anniversary of the Atelier, this month, we’ll be taking it back to the beginning. We’ll be sharing more of our story, posting old blog articles, and sharing our favorite OG products.

It always goes without saying that our story wouldn’t exist without you all. Thank you for breathing life into it. 


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