Diversity + Community at The Atelier

On any given day if you come by the Atelier you’ll find a variety of people - old, young, black, white, brown, American, non- American, Christian, Jewish, Agnostic, Muslim…the list goes on. We’ve long been a place that welcomes everyone regardless of labels and for that we’re proud.You see it’s not that common to see people of different ethnicities all under one roof getting their hair done. There are a myriad of reasons as to why, but one is that across the country hair stylists aren’t required to learn how to style textured, coily or kinky hair. As is typical in America, the focus is on Caucasian hair thus leaving anyone else with curly, textured hair out of the equation. 

By Highbrow

Black History is American History

So here we are, another Black History Month. Another deluge of businesses trying to show off their diversity by adding some black people to their grids, or some soulful music to their commercials in a desperate attempt to show everyone their support. What a joke. Black history is American history, and needs to be celebrated and integrated year round. Full stop. Well, unless you live in Florida…then guess you’ll have to settle for a whitewashed history full of lies and omissions. Sucks for you. By now you know that Highbrow Hippie resides on a street that’s been referred to as the “coolest street in America” (gag). It has 100 plus businesses that exist on its over 2 mile stretch, but only one owned by black women. Us. Which we often giggle about because let’s be real, anything that is considered cool in this country has been influenced by black people, but yet somehow we are only ones here.

By Highbrow

How to Achieve Low-Maintenance Hair

In keeping with our January theme of simplifying, Hector and I have been doubling down on this vibe with the clients that we share, who’ve come in requesting a big change.When Joie came back to us after many months of living overseas, she was ready for a fresh start. She also knew that life may take her away again for an extended period, and this time she wanted to be prepared so that her hair could go the distance.

By Kadi