Since last week, I’ve gotten SO MANY questions regarding our story mentioning Cleo’s postpartum hair loss and coloring her hair during this complicated + important time. So it’s clear that it’s time to have some real talk about it. Cleo first sat in my chair a few months after having her second child, and that first appointment involved more game planning than hair color, as her hair was in need of some serious care.

By Kadi

Water Build-Up: Ashley + Hector's 5 Simple Steps To Help Prevent + Treat It

Build-up from water can lead to hair damage, causing issues with dryness and breakage, which impacts your hair color over time. On the simplest level, tap water picks up excess minerals on its route to our homes. It’s this excess mineral content that latches on to the cuticle and scalp, and forms a “hard,” calcified layer. Over time, this build-up, combined with excess chemicals and heavy metals in our water, diminishes hair health. The result?  Hair that feels brittle, appears dull, and is prone to split ends. When it comes to chemically treated hair color, water build-up causes the color to oxidize and face more rapidly. Luckily, one of our balayage specialists, Ashley Pineda, and one of our stylists, Hector Garcia, shared their 5 Simple Steps to Help prevent and treat mineral-build up in the hair.

By Highbrow


Black. Woman.The intersection of being Black, female and an immigrant is not always the easiest place to be. But for me, it represents strength, regality, and determination. Even when facing the daunting reality that VC funding for women is less than 2%, and for Black women, that number is an abysmal 0.34%.

By Kadi