Highbrow Hippie was created to fill a void. Our goal is to expand the definition of a salon and return to  its historical meaning - a gathering place to exchange thoughts and ideas. Creating a sense of  community, self care and a way to drop out for a few hours and focus on yourself. We want people to  silence their phones, put away their devices and interact with each other and our products and events designed to destress contemporary living. We want people to drop in and drop out. 

Simple New Moon Ritual

The moon is such a powerful presence in our lives, pulling on the oceans tides and creating a rhythm of life for all of us. There was a time when we were deeply connected to these rhythms, but, over time, technology and our modern culture has separated us from those celestial vibes. Aligning yourself with … Continue reading "SIMPLE NEW MOON RITUAL" The post SIMPLE NEW MOON RITUAL appeared first on Highbrow Hippie.

By Myka

We're Back!

We are happy to announce that after 5 months of being closed, we are able to see clients at the atelier again. We are excited to get back to work, but there are a few changes that will be in place in light of the COVID-19 pandemic as listed below: When arriving for your appointment, please give us a call at 310.363.7542.  Late arrivals unfortunately will not be accommodated. Your temperature will be taken with a contactless thermometer upon arrival.  Clients...

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Sheltering In Place

Like most of you reading this, I’ve been sheltering in place for the past 14 days. What started out as a sincere effort to do our part in flattening the curve quickly escalated into me becoming a teacher, short-order cook, dog walker, playmate, and mediocre housekeeper. All in addition to navigating the changes with our temporarily shuttered business that we launched 8 months ago to the day that we closed.  To say that this is an unsettling time is an...

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Highbrow Hippie Defined

If you have been following us on this blog for a while, you know that we have been working on finding a physical space for Highbrow Hippie for some time. After many ups and downs (read more about that here), we are happy to announce that we have finally found a space to launch Highbrow … Continue reading "Highbrow Hippie Defined"

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