Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of mind.

How to Choose A Crystal

I never pick a crystal, it always picks me. When I go into a crystal shop, I see what I'm attracted to, feels good in my hand and typically, it's always what I need. Lately I've been drawn to malachite. It’s all about flushing out toxic emotions, clearing away unwanted energies, and ensuring that negative vibes stay 6 feet away at all times. Kind of perfect for this post-COVID existence. One of the best descriptions I found online was from Tiny Rituals....

By Myka


Highbrow Hippie started as a blog in 2012 but our story began long before that.   Our friendship began nearly three decades ago, during our time at Spelman College, when we were sales associates at the same clothing store in Atlanta. As life would have it, we both went our separate ways after school, with Myka heading to Paris for grad school and Kadi heading to the Aveda Institute in NYC and eventually, working at Frederic Fekkai. 

By Highbrow


After years of being known as a blonde, right before my summer break I was recently tasked with creating a new hair color for the gorgeous and talented Tori Kelly. The directive from her team was to give her new, deeper brunette some dimension, and a little lift.  When returning to a natural darker color, it’s always important to think of the approach- as going too dark can sometimes dull the hair. The ideal landing place is a happy medium that incorporates lightness and movement, and mimics the nuances that hair would have, if left to its own devices. The goal was to have a mix/blend of Tori’s new and old looks, so she still felt fresh and youthful, and most importantly, like herself.

By Kadi


Although the weather in LA is trying to convince us otherwise, it’s officially summer!  That means, more time spent outdoors, at the beach, in the pool, and in the sun.  All that translates a little more rest and relaxation but also, more wear and tear on your hair. Some of your summer habits can actually be supportive for your hair’s health - but in moderation.  Sunlight can help increase circulation to the scalp, seawater can help nourish the scalp with trace minerals, and we all know about the overall benefits of Vitamin D.

By Highbrow