On Conscious Living: The Thread That Ties it All

By Highbrow

This month, we’re discussing the third pillar of our brand, the one that ties our ethos and values together: conscious living. 

It’s the lens through which we filter both the world of beauty and wellness and how we, as a brand, remain connected to a greater sense of community.  

For us, conscious living is about the choices we make as individuals and the self-awareness that we bring to each of them. It’s about deciding who we are in each moment and living with integrity - in our thoughts, our words, our actions - as best as we can.  


The Thread That Ties it All: Conscious Living Highbrow Hippie Blog Kadi Lee Myka Harris

The goal of conscious living is to cement a pattern of growth, a personal framework that ties us to the wellbeing and betterment of our community and the collective at large.  It’s how we build a sustainable model for helping ourselves and others simultaneously.

But let’s be clear about one thing, conscious living is not about perfection, it’s about intention, growth, and most importantly, empathy.  It’s about choosing to keep your heart open, tuning into that space, and heeding its messages - even if that may feel cheesy and despite what a bitch it feels like to do these days.

In the spirit of building conscious living, we’ve love to hear what conscious living means to you. In what ways do you build self-awareness? How are you helping your community? 

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