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Although the weather in LA is trying to convince us otherwise, it’s officially summer!  

That means, more time spent outdoors, at the beach, in the pool, and in the sun.  All that translates to a little more rest and relaxation but also, more wear and tear on your hair.

Some of your summer habits can actually be supportive for your hair’s health - but in moderation.  Sunlight can help increase circulation to the scalp, seawater can help nourish the scalp with trace minerals, and we all know about the overall benefits of Vitamin D.

On the flip-side, it’s important to be aware of the damaging effects that summer habits can have on your hair - the hair cuticle and scalp are delicate after all.  The goal, through any season, but especially summer, should be to focus on protecting the health of your hair.  That means, incorporating products and habits that help your hair restore and retain its moisture.

One of our stylists, Hector, put together his top recommended products for summer hair wellness to help you through these next few months.


1.  Prevent + Protect


Hector's Guide to Summer Hair Wellness


If you’re heading to the beach or pool, these two products will help provide extra preventative support.  Before hopping in the water, put 2-5 drops of the Virtue Healing Oil on the ends of your hair.  Follow this up by spritzing your ends with the Innersense Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner.  This duo will help your hair retain moisture as both products act as a barrier, protecting your hair follicle from absorbing salt water or chlorine.  Plus, the nourishing plant extracts in the Innersense Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner will help detangle and nourish your hair.


2.  Repair + Restore 


Hector's Guide to Summer Hair Wellness Virtue Restorative Mask Innersense Harmonic Healing Oil Highbrow Hippie


For a deeper, at-home treatment, you can incorporate both the Innersense Harmonic Healing Oil and Virtue Restorative Treatment Mask into your weekly routine.

Start by massaging a few pumps of the Innersense Harmonic Healing Oil into the scalp for some extra moisture and fortification.  This oil will help restore balance to the scalp and strengthen the hair cuticle.

Following the oil treatment, apply the Virtue Restorative Treatment Mask throughout the hair.  This will add an additional layer of moisturization.  Let both sit on your hair for anywhere from 20 minutes to overnight.  This little ritual will fortify the health of your hair over the duration of the summer and help prevent breakage in the long-run. Plus, it’s a relaxing ritual so it’s a win win


3.  Cleanse + Condition


Hector's Summer Hair Wellness Virtue Smooth Frizz Block Smoothing Spray Virtue Recovery Shampoo Virtue Recovery Conditioner


As far as your regular shampoo and conditioner goes, try to bring in a more hydrating combo during the summer.  The Virtue Recovery Shampoo + Virtue Recovery Conditioner is a great duo, especially for those that are spending a lot of time in and out of the water.  

Also, if you plan on styling your hair throughout the summer, we recommend utilizing a heat protectant.  The Virtue Smooth Frizz Block Smoothing Spray is a great option for an extra layer of protection and will ultimately, help your hair retain its moisture.  It requires heat to activate it so it’s perfect for those who tend to still rely on hot tools, even during the summer months.  


4.  Heal + Hydrate


Hector's Guide to Summer Hair Wellness Virtue Restorative Mask Virtue Recovery Shampoo Highbrow Hippie


After a day spent in the ocean or the pool, when you’re in need of some intensive hydration, you can swap out your regular conditioner for the Virtue Restorative Treatment Mask.  We recommend using the Virtue Recovery Shampoo  in tangent with the Virtue Restorative Treatment Mask for double the hydration, especially, after your hair has been exposed to chlorine.  

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