Kadi + Myka's Simple Home Rituals

By Highbrow

"Having a simplified, uncluttered home is a form of self-care." -Emma Schleb

True - but maintaining an uncluttered home?  Easier said than done. 

With the added layers of work, relationships, travel, family, kids, etc. onto life, sometimes our lofty goals of maintaining simplicity in our homes for the sake of peace ends up making us feel...not peaceful.  It actually ends up causing more stress.

There's only so much we can accomplish in a day and times feel more turbulent and unsteady than they ever have.  It says something about life when even Marie Kondo is touting that we lean into messiness.

That being said, decluttering our homes is always a goal we're slowly working towards, but we don't let it overtake us to the point of anxiety and stress. Creating habits and routines surrounding our home life is important but we're only human.

While both of us lead different lives, we mutually hold value in the power of small rituals and little tokens/items in the home that bring us joy, grounding, and comfort.

Here are some of the ways in which we create some stillness and peace in our homes:

Kadi's Home Ritual Bundle:

These days, it feels like I spend more time away from home than I do at home.  Between house calls and long days at the atelier, I don't always have the time to tend to my home - but when I'm there, I have a few go-to habits and items that bring me respite.    

DEHV Co Riviera Candle

Candles are the ultimate ritual for me.  Lighting one helps take the tension from the day away - it's my form of self-care, to shake off whatever came before, and ease into my space.  


DEHV Co Riviera Candle Highbrow Hippie Blog


Plants + Nature

I have a white sage plant that sits near the doorway of my patio.  Dustin at Venice Plants hooked me up a few years back.  Since then, it's grown to be 7 feet tall and it's a constant reminder that when I'm home, I'm connected to nature and that my space is protected.


Kadi Lee Highbrow Hippie White Sage Plant Highbrow Hippie Blog


A Glass of Wine

While everyone in the wellness industry is apparently having mushrooms (because they’ve moved on from the last fad of cbd), most times I still love a good glass of wine.  Even better, make it a vintage bottle of champs. 

Being in the service industry means I'm always, constantly, focused on others. And when I have a moment to share a glass with dear friends- usually after work when we can all download and reconnect- well that’s just bliss.  Plus, I've collected some beautiful antique wine glasses over the years, which make this ritual all the more special.


Highbrow Hippie Amber Wine Glass Set


Myka's Home Ritual Bundle: 

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am big on rituals - and home rituals for that matter.  I'm pretty systemic in how I approach things and my home is no different. To me, home has so much contextual meaning.  A sense of home can come from scent, a person, a song... Because of that, I end up utilizing rituals and items in my space that are multi-sensory and provide various touch points throughout the day to familiarize and comfort me. 


A true believer in the power of crystals, upon entering my home you will be greeted by one hanging on the front door. They're sprinkled throughout my space - citrine and pyrite on my altar, amethyst, rose quartz and lapis lazuli by my bedside and rose quartz in my son's room to enhance whatever energy I am trying to create. 


Crystals Highbrow Hippie

Plants + Nature

Kadi and I are the same in that being surrounded by nature is healing and energizing. I spend a tremendous amount of time in my garden tending to plants and connecting with the grounding energy of nature. 

Na Nin Home Spray

For those who have been to the atelier, this home spray is probably a familiar scent.  It has notes of both palo santo and cedarwood but somehow, it's still a light scent.  I often spray it on my sheets at home for a quick refresh or in the air to shift the energy.

Na Nin Home Spray Highbrow Hippie


Temple Copal

Always in rotation at the crib, this is great for clearing the energy and providing a protective shield of sorts around my house. If I am having guests over you will likely find it burning outside the front door as a way to ensure no one tracks in any low vibes.


Temple Copal Highbrow Hippie

It also goes without saying that it's a privilege to be able to have a place to call home - whether we're there often or not - but we do hope our little habits and tricks can provide some peace in your home as well.

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