IN GRATITUDE // Keeping The Atelier In Order

By Highbrow

This place. The Atelier.

It’s a house for us all and that was always our intention from the beginning.


In Gratitude Blog Post Highbrow Hippie

We wanted it to be a space that was different, that was absent of all the hustle and noise of everyday life. From the beginning, we made sure the foundation of this house was infused with that intention. From the songs on our playlists to the scents that fill each room, every choice was and is made with the intention to make life a little more beautiful, more nurturing, and more peaceful.

At the end of the day, building on this dream has never been about us. Our goal has always been to create the atelier and build this brand to bring more ease into your lives. The funny thing is, it feels like we’ve gotten more out of this because in creating the atelier, we’ve built a community that has sustained us and seen us through so much with grace and love.

You’ve truly made this house into a home and for that, we’ll forever be in gratitude to you.

As we move forward into the next chapters of Highbrow Hippie, we know this brand can withstand it all because you all are at the heart of it.

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