6 Scents that will transform your vibe at home

This month we've been chatting about all things wellness and some of our go to's for a quick reset. For me, scent is in the top 5 along with sleep, proper nutrition, movement and time in nature. It's certainly one of the most important elements in my home and gives me an immediate sense of well-being. I tend to gravitate towards woodsy, green scents with subtle floral undertones. Scents that (at least for me) feel like a warm hug next to a fireplace, reading a book after smoking a joint and gazing out the window at the mountains beyond. I love having my place smell like me - it invokes a vibe and to me that is important. 

By Myka


One of our favorite sayings at Highbrow Hippie is “Get Free”. Freedom is integral to the way we operate. Free to do things differently, free to be and advocate for ourselves, and free to change our minds if something isn’t working. Through many years of roadblocks, we finally built and designed the Highbrow Hippie Atelier with our needs in mind, hoping that it would also meet a void that we saw in the beauty and wellness industries that was filled with a lot of sameness.

By Highbrow

How to Choose A Crystal

I never pick a crystal, it always picks me. When I go into a crystal shop, I see what I'm attracted to, feels good in my hand and typically, it's always what I need. Lately I've been drawn to malachite. It’s all about flushing out toxic emotions, clearing away unwanted energies, and ensuring that negative vibes stay 6 feet away at all times. Kind of perfect for this post-COVID existence. One of the best descriptions I found online was from Tiny Rituals....

By Myka


I like getting rid of things. It’s kind of my hobby. I am firmly in the camp of if I don’t love it and have a recurring need for it, then it doesn’t need to be in my life. It’s a well known fact in my family and has both good and bad qualities. The good? I’m the go to on all things cleaning or organizing related. The bad? I once inadvertently threw away my brothers prized early nineties Steelers jersey as he still reminds me. However, if you want the hard truth in cleaning out your closet, invite me over. I don’t hold back and will have you free of those body con dresses you think you will fit back into one day in a minute. Liberating.

By Myka


Each month at Highbrow Hippie we pick a theme to help guide our marketing. Typically its aligned with the season and this month is no different. Our theme for October is transitioning - from summer to autumn, light to dark and we’ll be discussing how to prepare your hair, home and your body. As we ease into Autumn I find myself making a bee line towards cozy town. Loads of people here in sunny LA complain about “winter” but I...

By Myka