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Each month at Highbrow Hippie we pick a theme to help guide our marketing. Typically its aligned with the season and this month is no different. Our theme for October is transitioning - from summer to autumn, light to dark and we’ll be discussing how to prepare your hair, home and your body.

As we ease into Autumn I find myself making a bee line towards cozy town. Loads of people here in sunny LA complain about “winter” but I love it. The hot days give way to cool nights perfect for a sweater and a chat around the fire pit I’m planning for my backyard. Fruit choices turn to plums, pears, grapes and oranges and I actually have to turn the heat on in the mornings. And, despite what people think, if you are lucky enough to live around some deciduous trees, they will start to change colors bringing forth beautiful yellows, oranges and burgundies - a striking contrast against the succulents that tend to dominate.  

Naturally I begin to turn my mind inwards, set up my home for the winter and get ready for shorter days and longer nights. Because my birthday is in August, I feel like it marks my peak season and is perfectly aligned with Summer and what it represents. Now that it’s officially autumn, I am evaluating the last year of my life as well as reaping the benefits of all the seeds I have sown. Harvest time and the start of my inward journey, thinking about what I want over the next year and then putting those intentions out into the world. 

Last year I wanted a house with a backyard and a bathtub within a bikes ride of work/school. This year not only did I get the house, but I got it across the street from a friend and her son who went to preschool with Harris. We’ve created a tiny commune of sorts with group dinners, baths and movie nights and it’s great. 

This next season I am focusing on my physicality and my surroundings. Now that I have a yard I’m feeling quite grounded and am excited to put roots down both literally and figuratively. I’m starting a winter garden in the back, pulling out all my soup recipes and getting back on track with exercising prioritizing sleep. Nothing says go to bed early more than the sun going down a 6 PM.

What about you guys? Do you find that you live with the seasons? What kinds of shifts represent a transition into a new season for you?

By Myka
Myka has always been enamored with beautiful things and making things beautiful. Highbrow Hippie is truly an extension of how she lives her life on a daily basis and represents the things that are most important to her - community, personal growth, self care, simplicity, good design, eco - friendly practices, self awareness and a healthy approach to consumerism. It’s a combination of the things she’s loves and does best: creating the perfect space to bring beauty, wellness and conscious living into other people’s lives.
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