Succulent Wall

By Myka

I am obsessed with plants. I love all the variations and different looks. I love that they are living, breathing roommates and help to cleanse the air. In my home I have potted plants, hanging plants, fiddle leaf figs, cacti and one beautiful purple shamrock that closes every night when the sun goes down.


A few weeks ago, I contacted my friend Yasir of Eden Easy Beds who specializes in handcrafted, sustainably harvested container gardens and approached him about doing a succulent wall in my house. I had been drooling over living walls in Pinterest and in various design magazines and so I figured I’d take the plunge. He was stoked to give it a go and so we went about trying to figure out exactly how it could work. These were my inspiration…

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 15.55.49zoom_meadowvale-cemetery-and-visitation-centreindoor-living-wall-awesome-ideas-with-mcclendon-living-green-wall-at-kent-denver-school

I live in a loft with a lot of sun and natural light and it just seemed like the right thing to do.

After a lot of discussion, a lot of measuring we decided that succulents were the way to go. They don’t need to be watered as often and match the interior vibe of my home. So I said goodbye to my chalkboard wall…


and dedicated it to it’s new inhabitants. The entire thing measures about 9’ x 3’ and weighs about 300 pounds so getting it in the house was no easy feat…


but here it is. Love it.

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For more information on succulent gardens and custom succulent walls contact Yasir at Eden Easy Beds.

Photography by Kelley Raye Photography.



By Myka
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