6 Scents that will transform your vibe at home

By Myka

This month we've been chatting about all things wellness and some of our go to's for a quick reset. For me, scent is in the top 5 along with sleep, proper nutrition, movement and time in nature. It's certainly one of the most important elements in my home and gives me an immediate sense of well-being. I tend to gravitate towards woodsy, green scents with subtle floral undertones. Scents that (at least for me) feel like a warm hug next to a fireplace, reading a book after smoking a joint and gazing out the window at the mountains beyond. I love having my place smell like me - it invokes a vibe and to me that is important. 

Scent is also the scent most closely linked to memory. Anytime I smell Estee Lauder White Linen perfume it sends me straight back to my Grandmother's bedroom trying on her jewelry. 

One of the first things I do in the morning is burn some Palo Santo or incense. Immediately, I feel at ease and ready to start my day. I use a mix of incense, candles, resin, and dried herbs to create whatever scent I am craving and have fun discovering new pairings. Over the years, I have found a few consistent favorites that I am digging.

Palo Santo Sticks

I have seen a huge uptick in the use of Palo Santo the past few years. Not sure how I feel about this (social media ruins everything) but considering it’s an actual tree, I wonder what the impact will be on these “Holy Woods” in South America. It is believed that a tree or fallen branches must lie dead for 4-10 years before the medicinal and mystical properties of the wood begin to come alive. This means that traditionally only the fallen branches and twigs of the tree are harvested, and this practice is regulated by the government of Peru to ensure that the trees do not become overharvested. However, as Palo Santo has become more popular, the illegal harvesting and cutting of trees has also greatly increased, ruining yet another Rainforest species, but that’s another post. Sigh…

Consequently, if you are purchasing wildharvested Palo Santo, it is important to do so from an ethical wildcrafter. We sell ones that are dry harvested and mindfully collected. When done this way, the gathering of fallen Palo Santo wood is a sustainable practice.

I use this on a daily basis for clearing and protection before I start my yoga and meditation practice and throughout the day.



Years ago on my first trip to Tulum, I was totally captivated by the smell of this resin. It was everywhere and each time I burn it it takes me right back there. Beachside, bikini clad and drinking mezcal.  Copal is an ancient aromatic resin derived from the sap or "blood" of the Bursera tree hardened over time in contact with the air. It's used in ritual celebration and offerings tracing back thousands of years to sacred sites and temples in Mexico and Central America. I use it on the weekends mostly, when we are hanging out with the doors open. It keeps the flies at bay and doesn't fill the house with smoke. 

Buy it here.


Diptique Paris Pomander

I used to live down the street from the store in Paris and would buy these candles 3 or 4 at time. Of course this was before the introduction of the Euro when they only cost about $28 USD. Oh those were the days....sigh. Anyhow, now they may cost more, but they are still some of the best scents on the market. The pomander is my go to throughout the Holiday season. A perfect blend of clove and citrus that doesn't feel overdone. Purchase online here.


 Myka Harris

Norden Ojai

I am obsessed with both the scent and the fact that I have a beautiful ceramic vessel afterwards; but again, when I want a refill my only option is to buy the entire thing. My personal favorite is Ojai. Shocking. Buy it here.


Inca Aromas Incense

Anytime I have burned this scent at home and people come by they always ask what it is. An Amazonian root, it's perfect for grounding while also offering a sense of elevation. This company offers some of the most potent incense on the market - artisan made and sustainably sourced with fragrance and aromas coming from the rainforest. Buy it now.



Jonathan Adler Hashish Candle

The perfect blend of black currant, green apple, wormwood, patchouli and moss, it is hands down one of my top 5. My only complaint is that they don’t sell the candles in an insert because A) I’m not consistently spending $68 on a candle and B) how many stash boxes does a girl need? Buy it here.

By Myka
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