By Kadi

By now it’s well documented that I’m a bit of an introvert. I have to talk more than I’m usually comfortable w/ at work by nature of what I do, + it’s something that truly doesn’t come easy to me. Sometimes I fail miserably, sometimes I grapple w/ massive anxiety because of it, but always, always, I try.


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And then sometimes, I surprise myself. I love to travel alone, as it gives me the opportunity to rest + hear my deepest thoughts again w/out blowdryers + the heavy pressure of being “on” (not to mention standing on my tired ass feet!) These past few days I got to not only play tennis 5 days in a row (something that I can NEVER find the time for in real life), but I also read 2 books AND 2 magazines cover to cover. Whose life is this?? Needless to say I was blissed all the way out.

Halfway through I also made new friends! Like, actual ones I’ll probably see again. Cortney + her husband Dane were not only super cool, but they let me be my weird introvert self + float in + out of socializing as I felt fit.

Bless people who accept you as you are. As life ticks on by, friendships become more precious and few, but I leave my island of Jamaica w/ deep gratitude for kindred spirits + for giving myself this time to recharge before the December marathon of clients.

As always, my cup overflows. See you back at the atelier, behind the chair.

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