Kadi + Ashley Discuss All Things Scalp Care

By Highbrow

We talk a lot around here about our favorite hair care products, routines, and rituals. As Black women, weekly hair rituals have been a part of our experience for as far back as we can remember. From at-home hot oil treatments, scalp massages, and hair steaming to protective styling and DIY hair masks, we've seen and done it all. Not only are these routines a way for us to care for our hair but they're an opportunity to slow down and focus on ourselves as well.

One of my favorite additions to our routine has been a scalp scrub. Two that I highly regard are from Christophe Robin and Innersense Organic Beauty. Even if you think you don't have build-up on your scalp, trust me, you do.  Using this pre-shampoo has been a game-changer and leaves my scalp feeling clean and hydrated - the perfect foundation for healthy hair. 

Christophe Robin Cleansing Scrub


If you're really looking to take your scalp care to the next level, though, we offer a restorative Scalp Treatment here at The Atelier.  We're always looking to offer our clients extra support and introduce them to rituals that they can modify at home.  This scalp treatment is just that.

In the interest in giving you all the details on it, I chatted with one of my favorite longtime collaborators and Highbrow Hippie balayage specialists, Ashley Pineda, - who performs the treatment at The Atelier - to get all the nuanced details about this restorative treatment.


Kadi Lee + Ashley Pineda Talk Scalp Care, Highbrow Hippie



Kadi:  Ashley, how does the Scalp Treatment work?

Ashley: Hey, Kadi. Well, first, the treatment works to repair and nourish your scalp on a holistic level.  It's intended to address the most common scalp issues; it cleanses and rejuvenates the scalp, removes build up, increases circulation to the area, all resulting in healthier hair.

We first start by detoxifying the scalp to remove excessive sebum oils, dandruff, and buildup from the scalp with our Christophe Robin Purifying Scalp Scrub with Sea Salt.  I utilize this scrub in order to cleanse, purify, and restore balance to sensitive or oily scalps.

Once we've removed the buildup, I move on to the second part of the detox treatment.  I work with the Christophe Robin Detangling Gelée with Sea Minerals to help rebalance the scalp health, as it's fortified with a cocktail of expertly selected micronutrients: zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium.  All of these nutrients are designed to re-mineralize and strengthen the scalp and hair.

After this step, I occasionally consult with clients to asses if the hair is in need of a clear gloss.  This will help fortify and amplify shine in the hair, but it isn't necessary for every client.

Next, I apply a hot oil to nourish the scalp and let that sit for a bit.  I follow this with a very hydrating mask to help fortify the integrity of the hair and prepare it for the next step.  Once this mask is applied, we use our spa mist processor, which deposits a fine mist of microscopic water particles directly on to the hair and scalp.  This process is designed to open the hair’s cuticle and allow for the conditioning mask to penetrate deeply into the hair fiber and nourish the scalp. 


Kadi Lee + Ashley Pineda Talk Scalp Care, Highbrow Hippie



Lastly, I finish off the service with a relaxing rinsing treatment using our Conscia Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner Stones.  These stones are incredible.  For some, it may take some time to adjust to utilizing this product - they're definitely a bit different than your traditional shampoo + conditioner and not ideal for cleansing the hair immediately post color service - but, it's worth a try at other times, and definitely at home.  They're hydrating, and work on all hair types and textures.  Plus, they're eco-conscious, and we love that at Highbrow Hippie.


K:  How long does the scalp treatment take?

A:  The treatment takes about an hour - a relaxing hour.


K:  Can you tell more about the products you use?

A:  I use a variety of products throughout the treatment, many of which are Highbrow Hippie favorites.  I utilize the Christophe Robin Scalp Scrub, the Conscia Shampoo and Conditioner stones, a variation of hot essential oils, and the LivSo Moisturizing Lotion.  Also, we're looking into bringing in some new product offerings for this treatment so I'll be sure to report back with an update.


Christophe Robin Purifying Scalp Scrub with Sea Salt


Cristophe Robin Purifying Scalp Scrub, Highbrow Hippie

Christophe Robin Detangling Gelèe with Sea Minerals


Christophe Robin Detangling Gelèe with Sea Minerals, Highbrow Hippie 


Conscia Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner Stones


 Conscia Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner Stone, Highbrow Hippie


LivSo Moisturizing Lotion for Dry Scalp


 LivSo Moisturizing Lotion for Dry Scalp


K:  Who is this treatment intended for?

A:  The treatment is specifically curated for each individual client but, overall, it's intended for all hair types and especially those in need of a boost to scalp health, as well as those looking for hair cuticle revitalization and hydration. 


K:  How often should this be done? 

A:  The treatment should be done every 6-8 weeks, or as needed. 


K:  How can I prolong the results at home? 

A:  Purchasing the recommended products above will help maintain your scalp health and keep your hair hydrated and nourished at home. 


K:  Is there a prep for this treatment? 

A:  No prep necessary.  Just come as you are.


K:  Can I schedule this before color + cut? 

A:  Absolutely- starting with a clean slate will remove environmental build and excessive oils, which will automatically improve the results of your color and haircut services.


 As we move through fall and transition into winter, we know that there will be a lot of obligation on all our plates.  If anything, we hope this information serves as a reminder to take moments of pause to reconnect with ourselves and engage with the rituals that keep us centered, healthy, and feeling balanced, and most importantly set the groundwork for beautiful and healthy hair color. We all know that the holiday season can bring up a lot, so I'll be reminding myself to slow down and check-in with myself whenever I can.  I hope you all do the same.  Many thanks to Ashley for sharing her thoughts, and talents, regarding this amazing offering.


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