Drop In & Drop Out

By Kadi

My dear client of over 15 years McKenna recently shared this photo with me of her grandmother reading outside at our atelier while she waited for her, and it filled me with more joy than I can describe. 

Highbrow Hippie Venice

First, I am privileged to know four generations of her family. Her and her sister Sheridan were some of my first clients when I moved to LA. When they had babies I held them while their color processed. I even stood next to Mekenna (in Idaho of all places) as she got married. We are different races and different faiths, yet we are always united in respect and loyalty and keeping it 100 percent real. 

When Myka and I designed our atelier, one of our main goals was to create a space for our guests to “drop in and drop out.” To create a vibe that encourages community, yet allows room to rest one’s mind and recharge before heading back into the bustle and stress of everyday life. Because, no matter age or background, giving ourselves room to breathe and rest is necessary and universal. Life is precious and short. How will you choose to spend that time?

It is so exciting to see our ideas and vision come to life. Cheers to manifesting everything you can imagine in 2020 and beyond. 

Highbrow Hippie Venice

Highbrow Hippie Venice

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