A Peek Behind Kadi's Chair - Lauren Scruggs

By Kadi


Highbrow Hippie Venice

Earlier this year Lauren and I started a journey with her hair color, with the main goals being to make her hair strong and healthy again, and eventually incorporate her natural hair color into her highlights and transition her out of a very brassy base color. Lauren was open to being patient from the get go, and now 3 appointments later, she is a bright, sunny, and most importantly, healthy hand painted blonde. No base color, no toners. The best part? I asked her to stretch her appointments as long as possible (about 12 weeks), and before this last appointment 14 weeks had gone by before she realized she needed hair color. As much as I love seeing her, that was when I knew her color was finally in a great place. 

Highbrow Hippie VeniceHighbrow Hippie Venice

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