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If you’ve been wondering what all the talk is about Moon phases and why we should be paying attention to them, then this is the post for you. 

A clear and simple explanation of moon phases and why you should care.

Let’s take it back to elementary school science; the Moon circles around the Earth once every 29 days. The Earth orbits the Sun once every 365 days. How the Moon appears in the sky depends on its position to the Sun. The part of the Moon that is lit by the Sun is that part we see illuminated in the sky.

Day 1 – New Moon (Intention Setting)

The Earth, the Moon and the Sun are in one line with the moon closet to the Sun so that we see its shadow. This is why the New Moon is a dark one. A New Moon is the perfect time for reflection and intention setting. She brings with her the opportunity to explore creativity as she is dark and “empty” – fertile ground for new seeds of intention. 

Day 2-14 – Waxing Moon

Moon moves further away from the shadow of the Sun and becomes more illuminated. 

Day 15 – Full Moon (Reflection and Evaluation. Releasing)

The Moon is fully illuminated by the Sun giving us the impression of a perfect circle in the sky. This is a time for illumination and evaluation. Releasing anything that is not serving us and asking the Sun to return it to darkness. 

Day 16-29 – Waning Moon

Moon moves closer toward the sun, slowly becoming more in shadow so that the Full Moon becomes dark which starts the process all over again. 

From an energy standpoint let’s look at this cycle as a growth one.

The New Moon is the rich a fertile soil waiting for seeds (intention). Once planted they are tended to for the next 14 days until you start to the see plants peeking up from the soil during the Full Moon. You look at what is growing. Is is what you wanted? Are there weeds there that need to be pruned? You see what is illuminated in front of you, reassess what needs to happen to reach your intention and adjust accordingly. For a simple New Moon ritual click here.

Now that you know what a Moon phase is, let’s talk about why you should care. Unless you still don’t which is totally fine. It’s not your thing. But for those of you for whom it is, there is a beauty in connecting to a force that is greater than us. I find comfort in connecting to a cycle that rules the oceans tides. It’s a reminder that in the bigger scope of things we are all just stardust made of the same materials of the Universe and that there are bigger things happening in this world than whatever mundanities of daily life I am dealing with.

Because I’m a geek, I love the idea of tapping into the moons gravitational pull to help catapult my intentions into the Universe. Gravitation is the universal attraction force between all matter so if I can up my vibrations, why not?

As a woman, connecting to the Moon (widely viewed as having a feminine energy) means connecting to the energetic qualities of receptivity, openness and nurturing, along with healing, renewal, interconnectedness, intuition and wisdom. There is a reason why women’s cycles follow the same general cycles of the Moon. Connecting with the phases of the moon can bring awareness to other cycles and rhythms within your own body, mind, heart, and spirit.

By Myka
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  • I am glad I found your site and you have some very interesting and inspiring things to share. I am just learning and getting into the power of the moon, though I have always loved it’s magic. I have created a couple of products that would love if you would feel like checking out and any feedback! Have a wonderful day!

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