Ch-ch-ch-ch changes….

By Myka

Even though it’s only February it’s 77 degrees and it feels like Spring in Atlanta. The trees are blooming, the pollen is abundant and in true Atlanta fashion, it will drop to 33 degrees tomorrow…

But isn’t that what change does? It takes something that you have become accustomed to and flips it so that you don’t know what’s coming next.  If you are lucky, while sometimes being difficult to manage, change opens up new pathways and opportunities that you didn’t always see.

I recently sold my business. After almost 8 years, two locations, a ton of amazing clients and some really great friendships, I decided it was time for something new. So I’m taking a few months “off” to prep for the next chapter.

In the meantime, I’ll be blogging more (and by more I mean at all because I haven’t touched this blog in a while), working on a few other things and basically indulging my creative side.

Isn’t change great?

In love and light.


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