Why I Love Our FLOTUS

By Myka

Reasons why I love our FLOTUS:

1. She knows the value of a pop of color. She wore Jason Wu when she was fist inagurated into the White House and her dress was white. What a way to make a statement. But this year she opted for red. A power color, a choice that says we mean business. She also opted for some fuchsia gloves with her Tom Brown coat and belt with some edge. I would say that this FLOTUS means business. A pop of color says “I’m confident and sure of myself.” And that is exactly what we need. No offense to our male population, but we all know that the women rule the roost. If she’s exhibiting power colors then watch out – the White House might just do some changing as well…

2. She loves J. Crew. I mean, hello? We here at HBH are BIG fans of J. Crew. See  post here. The majority of the staples in our closets are J. Crew circa 2012 or even 2001. We’ve all known Michelle to dress in J. Crew  but this time she amped it up by dressing her daughters in it. I think they both looked beautiful and age appropriate in purple. Love the tone on tone tights.

3. She understands the importance of getting a new hairstyle to mark an important milestone. Your husband is the first African American President. He has just entered his second term. A new hairstyle is a requirement. Life is changing and so must you.

4. She recycles her wardrobe . Gotta love a woman who knows the value of a dollar. Why go get a NEW dress when this Michael Kors dress is perfectly acceptable? AND amazing. If it makes you feel good – wear it over and over again. Who cares.

5. She knows what ‘s important. Best believe that Barack is at home at 6:00 pm so that he can have dinner with the family and interact with their kids. She knows that family is the most important thing and  lives her life in accordance with those beliefs. She’s been married for 20 years and she’s happy. That’s an accomplishment on it’s own and  for that I give her props.


By Myka
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