By Kadi

Being an island girl I’ve always been drawn to caftans that are long and colorful for both the comfort it provides as well as the easy sophistication. A year and a half ago I was looking for a birthday dress and was feeling a bit on the pudgy side (why are we always talking about how fat we are on this blog??), when I walked by Les Pommettes, one of my favorite stores in LA on Robertson Blvd.

It was then that my love affair with the label Camilla began. I found the most gorgeous beaded seafoam green one-shouldered caftan with a slit up to THERE. It was the perfect balance of easy summer dressing, combined with a bit of glamor. Jackpot. It immediately became my favorite piece in my wardrobe, AND it covered up the pudge?! Done and done.

The only caveat? The price. At $500 and up, my new addiction to this Aussie export would leave my bank account empty. Thankfully, I forged a relationship with the lovely salesperson who gladly lets me know when these beautiful pieces go on sale. Camilla has also recently launched a lower priced line, Camilla Beach, which features her caftans in breezy cottons. I purchased a shorter caftan from this line that I wear year round with a bikini or with leggings, and it never fails to attract multiple compliments with each wear. I wear it so often my friends have taken to teasing me with the question, “oh my gosh, I love your caftan. Is that new?!” Cost per wear I have already paid for this piece tenfold. Actually, it’s already been featured on this blog here.

During the past year and a half I’ve also become dear friends with some wonderful Australian expats living in LA. These girls approach life with a certain “joie de vivre” and lend credence to the myth that Aussies are some of the friendliest, most joyful people to be around. Oprah was certainly on to something when she chose to end her long running series there. Another thing my new Aussie friends have brought to the table is an incredible fashion sense. Camilla was apparently just the beginning. I was soon to be introduced to Zimmermann, which also opened recently on Robertson Blvd. From adorable rompers, to sexy but never trashy swimwear, to beautifully designed, feminine dresses, Zimmermann has become one of my favorite new stores that never disappoints. I recently purchased a pair of white (yes white!) leather wedges from here on sale that are not only comfortable, but will amp up my wardrobe come spring when paired with pastels. It also doesn’t hurt that the manager Gabby is the most fabulous fashionista in LA. (Follow here on Instagram @gpvs_ )

As if these Aussie imports weren’t enough, my newest obsession has become Mara & Mine footwear. Designed by two Australian friends, Jasmine Yarbrough and Tamie Ingham, who now reside in Los Angeles, this line of exclusive handmade shoes are insane. Beyond the fabrics that are sourced in Italy and Spain, Tamie and Jasmine develop their own leathers and handcrafted jewelry and embellishments in Los Angeles, where their products are locally made. How Highbrow Hippie is THAT?! According to their website, “these fashion forward shoes embody effortless style and allow the wearer to easily transition from day to night….remaining functional, feminine and above all flat.” I’ve personally got my eye on both their Jem Skull Slipper, and the Montana Skull Hand sandal. You can order them here.

I plan to wear them with everything, and often. Poke fun all you want.

And to think it all started with a dress…..

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