Waxing Poetic

By Myka

I own a waxing studio, so I consider myself an authority on waxing. What to do, what not to do and what to do it with. The biggest lesson I’ve learned over the past 3 years of having my own waxing studio is that not everyone who offers and performs waxing services knows what they are doing. Waxing isn’t the most fun service, but for those of us who indulge it’s a necessary endeavor. So in order to have the best waxing experience possible, I have come up with The 10 Commandments of Waxing:

1. Thou Shall Commit

At WAX we always say, “Once you go wax, you never go back.” So if you go back and forth between shaving and waxing, I have bad news for you. It’s going to affect your wax. Your hair grows back differently after waxing, so when you shave, it’s not as easy  to wax and it’s more uncomfortable for you. Try your best to get waxed every three to five weeks.

2. Thou Shall Choose Wisely

Listen, we’ve all been there. Sneaking in a quick mani/pedi at the place next to the grocery store while you wait for the dog to be ready at the groomer. It comes to your attention that you need a brow wax (only $5!) so you go for it. Only to regret it once you see your thin, uneven brows. Not to mention the disgusting waxing pot with the same stick that’s been used over and over on who knows how many clients…Make sure that you pick a reputable waxing place where everyone is licensed and trained, they don’t double dip and you know they are clean.

3. Thou Shall Be Honest

Please don’t lie to your esthetician about your skin care, medications and lifestyle. These things can greatly affect your wax and do you really want to have a reaction from an eyebrow wax the day before a big event? I think not. If you are using topical retionoids such as Retin A or any glycolic, lactic or salicylic acids you are unable to get waxed until you have stopped using these products for at least 2 weeks based upon strength. Same goes for Microdermabrasion and chemical peels. And if you are on Accutane – forget about waxing for at least 6 months after completing treatment.

4. Thou Shall Not Be Shy

It’s kind of like going to see your OBGYN. You know they have seen a million and one. Waxing specialists went into this profession knowing they would have to look at them all day, so when you take your pants off, don’t feel weird. They’ve seen all kinds and yours is no different.

5. Thou Shall Let it Grow

For your hair down there, it’s much easier to work with when it’s longer rather than shorter. We know it might get a little uncomfortable to keep it anything but clean for a few days, but the result will be worth it. Same goes for brows – a little patience and no tweezers goes a long way!

6. Thou Shall Follow Instructions

If your waxer tells you to do or not to do something after waxing, listen. No spray tanning, swimming, hot showers or working out for at least 24 hours.

7. Thou Shall Hold Thy Tongue

Let’s face it – we know that getting a bikini wax is no walk in the park. However if you are unable to make it through a Brazilian without crying out – then maybe it’s not the thing for you. No biggie – it’s not for everyone.

8. Thou Shall Come Alone

Sometimes first timers can be nervous. Maybe you need some emotional support so you bring a friend. I get it…but maybe that friend can provide support from the waiting area and not in the room with you? Trust me – good vibes travel.

9. Thou Shall Exfoliate

In order to prevent ingrown hairs it is imperative that you exfoliate between waxes. Some of my favorite products are PFB and a great sugar scrub. I’m obsessed with Fresh’s Brown Sugar Body Scrub. Not only does exfoliating keep the dead skin at bay, but it also keeps you soft and smooth and gives you a mini spa vibe at home.

10. Thou Shall Moisturize

Especially in the winter months skin can become dry. Yep, even down there. Take time to add a little extra moisture to areas that might not get it as often, underarms, bikini line, etc. Dry skin can result in skin being lifted – and trust me,  no one wants that. Coconut oil is great, as is grape seed and jojoba.

By Myka
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