Leaps of Faith

By Kadi

Changes. Leaps of faith. And new beginnings....Today marked my last day working at 454North before I move to Venice full time in our new space!

There’s a saying that goes “the greatest advantage of speaking the truth is that you don’t have to remember what you said”, and when I started working at 454North, one of the first things I said in my interview was I hoped to one day launch Highbrow Hippie as a brand and open a space in Venice. And they were understanding since day one. They were also supportive when Myka and I were blindsided and had to recalibrate our entire business plan and start over. I will never forget it. 

It’s a huge understatement to say what an incredible gift it was to be granted a space to work, where I was allowed and encouraged to keep dreaming. I can’t lie and say I’m not scared out of my mind with what lies ahead. But I also know that I’m equally excited, and I have to at least try to accomplish the goal of launching this business with Myka. I’ve been working in the industry now for over 20 years, and am bursting at the seams with ideas and thoughts and inspiration on how to make a significant and lasting contribution to the beauty, wellness and lifestyle space. It’s simply time. 

Too often all we hear about is the negative noise in this industry- the pettiness, the drama, the competition. While those things may exist, I want this to be a huge lesson about the importance of community, and that supporting another’s success will never dampen your own. There is room enough for us all to succeed. 

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