Highbrow Hippie Defined

By Highbrow

If you have been following us on this blog for a while, you know that we have been working on finding a physical space for Highbrow Hippie for some time. After many ups and downs (read more about that here), we are happy to announce that we have finally found a space to launch Highbrow Hippie.

Highbrow Hippie is a conscious lifestyle brand for people who live with awareness and care for their  surroundings. Through our unique community, eclectic brick and mortar space “The  Atelier” and our upcoming e- commerce site; Highbrow Hippie offers a holistic and sustainable approach to wellbeing and beauty, including  clean, high performance, restorative salon services, and retail products tailored to de -stress  contemporary living. 

Highbrow Hippie was created to fill a void. Our goal is to expand the definition of a salon and return to its historical meaning – a gathering place to exchange thoughts and ideas. Creating a sense of  community, self care and a way to drop out for a few hours and focus on yourself. We want people to  silence their phones, put away their devices and interact with each other and our products and events designed to destress contemporary living. We want people to drop in and drop out. 

Our intention is to refocus on self care, community and experience. What works best for our  customers is always top of mind and we hope that people will leave feeling inspired, connected,  grounded and maybe having learned something new – either about themselves or someone else. These  small steps and attention to detail equal a huge amount of luxury in today’s fast paced and overly connected world. 

Located on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, California, The Highbrow Hippie Atelier is a space where you can indulge in high-end beauty treatments and services, restorative and energizing yoga and meditation sessions, curated community gatherings, and an elevated lifestyle retail experience.  Wellness is the new attainable luxury and we want you to feel transformed every time you visit, with  experiences and interactions that promote well-being. Beauty in all things is the underlying foundation .

The curation of salon services and lifestyle products are an extension of our luxuriously laid back philosophy. Catering to a community of freethinking individuals, the space will be gathering spot  offering beauty services and a varied calendar of events. Designed by Myka, it’s a gathering spot where we practice self care, create and collaborate with others. The vibe is warm and welcoming and  the focus is on customer service, experience, and comfort. While on busy Abbot Kinney, it’s tucked away above the James Perse store, accessible through a quiet courtyard where you are invited to  sit and take respite from the busy day. Upstairs, you will find a large patio overlooking Abbot Kinney surrounded by trees and plants. Inside is a mix of vintage and new materials and furnishings, sourced to create a modern bohemian vibe. The treatment menu takes a holistic approach to  wellbeing and beauty focusing on clean, high performance, restorative services tailored to de-stress  contemporary living — easy yet indulgent. 

We offer hair color and styling services, scalp care, nail care, yoga and meditation classes and workshops, community gatherings and events, a curated lifestyle retail section.

If you would like to book an appointment please call 310.363.7542 or email assistant@highbrowhippie.com. Hours of operation are Wednesday – Saturday 10-6. For availability outside of those hours please email. 

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