Bright Lips

By Myka

For years my cousin and I embraced the neutral lip gloss trend in college. And for years we had to hear the question “Aren’t you going to put on lipstick?” and reply “I’ve already got it on.” while receiving blank stares from our grandmothers and their sisters. They couldn’t understand the point of having on lipstick that you couldn’t see. Now that I’m older (why do I keep saying that on this blog??) I’ve come to appreciate the effect of a strong lip and a proper lipstick. It wakes you up. It makes a statement. But not only that, it says, I give a shit about how I look and I don’t care that I will have to reapply 6 times today. I will get up after lunch and take 5 minutes to make sure my lipstick is on, my skirt is straight, there is no residual food in my teeth and I can face the afternoon with confidence. You see, Kadi and I have been on this kick for a while. No one is more excited that us when NARS launches a new color. We are utterly and totally devoted to NARS for our lip colors. The colors are great because we can both wear them! Some of our all times faves are SchiapFunny FaceHeat Wave and most recently Dragon Girl & Red Square which are matte lipstick crayons. Genius!

So if you think you can’t wear bright lipstick, think again. Go to the NARS counter, ask for the brightest orange or pink or red you see and give it a go. You might decide that your Grandmother knew something after all…..

By Myka
Myka has always been enamored with beautiful things and making things beautiful. It’s what led her to Paris to study at Parsons School of Design, and subsequently landed her in New York. The desire to move beyond clothing resulted in working as a trend forecaster and stylist – curating trends and creating beautiful environments. Myka has lived in New York, Paris, Munich and Italy, tried her hand at furniture design and worked as an interior stylist and creative consultant and most recently a certified yoga instructor. A serial entrepreneur, her journey has led her to explore and discover different parts of herself. Eventually she landed in Europe where she spent several years before returning to her hometown of Atlanta where she opened WAX, Atlanta’s first waxing only studio and then BUFF, Atlanta’s first natural nail bar. She now resides in Venice, CA with her son and their rescue dog Piper.
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