The HBH Shopping Philosophy: Remove the Zero.

By Myka

Trust us, the Highbrow Hippie philosophy came about organically. We love to shop, but since we both are entrepreneurs (read: don’t have a set salary), we have to be smart about the purchases we make. Recently we’ve noticed that our shopping habits allow us to remove the zero (or another digit!) from the original price. Meaning, if we see a gorgeous Ralph Lauren sweater for $600, we make a mental note of the shape, color, etc. and then set out to find something comparable for about $60. 8 times out of 10 we can find something to fill that need. If we can’t find something that gives us that same look, we will stalk that original item until it goes on sale. Having a great relationships with sales people at different stores makes this a lot easier. In fact, it’s really the key to getting what you want at a great price. See more about shopping relationships here. Mixing it up allows us to be creative as well as cost conscious. Saving on items that we can find somewhere else (removing the zero!) gives us space to splurge on the items we really love and will wear for years to come. Recently we’ve both picked up some great finds, both high and low that will take us through the fall.

Pierre Hardy Boots originally $1200, scored on sale for $425!
Vegan weekender bags from Les Pomettes from $155 – $230. Total Bottega Veneta knock off, but by removing a zero we still get the look And remain eco-friendly in the process!
Zara sweater $60. Inspired by a Ralph Lauren one for $600.
Ralph Lauren Mirror Sandal $695. Got on sale for $200
Leather dress by Kahlo $385. Originally seen variations on Net a Porter for $895 – $1200.
Jewelry from a street vendor on Abbot Kinney. Necklace $70. Originally spotted something similar at Ralph Lauren for $700.
Zara studded ankle boots $189. We originally drooled over some similar ones from Alexander McQueen for $1895.
Originally priced at $1200. This dress was purchased for a mere $250 by saving up on Ralph Lauren gift cards that were gifted on different occasions.



By Myka
Myka has always been enamored with beautiful things and making things beautiful. Highbrow Hippie is truly an extension of how she lives her life on a daily basis and represents the things that are most important to her - community, personal growth, self care, simplicity, good design, eco - friendly practices, self awareness and a healthy approach to consumerism. It’s a combination of the things she’s loves and does best: creating the perfect space to bring beauty, wellness and conscious living into other people’s lives.
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