New Year, New Resolutions

By Highbrow
Myka Harris Kadi Lee highbrow hippie

A NEW MONTH + NEW YEAR // When we sat down to talk about this month's theme, we circled around a few ideas. Do we want to focus on our relationship with time or discuss the ever-presence of change in our lives? Neither felt right, though, they felt too lofty. Ultimately, we landed on the message of simplification.

Lately, we’ve been stretched thin. Over the last year, we’ve experienced both the joy and pain that comes with the alchemical process of building Highbrow Hippie. There’s been so much growth and, with it, has come excitement but also, the reality that more continues to be added to our plates.

So, this month, we wanted to take a step back and instead, acknowledge what we’ve accomplished, where we are at this moment in time, and how we can continue to grow with the structure of our reality being what it is. Like so many of you, we’ve continued to learn that you can only be where you are and do what you can in each moment.

With that, we’ll be celebrating the act of simplification - of the small steps and wins it takes to get through each day, and how we can pair down and create space for ourselves both physically and emotionally. We invite you to do the same if you’re feeling called to - because being a 24/7 problem solver can put you in overload quickly.

In addition, this month we’ll be bringing you some exciting insights happening at the atelier, continuing to share the daily mantras we introduced last month, and of course, bringing back our mid-month patio chat honoring the late and indelible Martin Luther King, Jr. Stay tuned.

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