How To Create a Shiny, Dimensional Brunette

By Kadi

Decades ago, my mentor Constance always stressed that beautiful brunettes are achieved through a light and gentle hand, and that formulation was everything. Kristin and I have found what works for her after years of subtle and careful adjustments. Even for my deepest, richest, brunettes, I formulate lighter, and process longer, to guarantee a natural result and reflective shine.


Brunette Kristin Davis

The key to maintaining the health and integrity of Kristin’s hair is also consistency and conditioning. Like every brunette that sits in my chair, a conditioning mask is always applied to the length of the hair while the root processes and after a subtle “flash highlighting” at the shampoo bowl, glosses are layered into the hair in shades of light brown (and some golden blondes!), as the hair tends to be more porous after processing.

Kristin Davis Shiny Brunette Highbrow Hippie

I felt I was finally a colorist once I “cracked the code” of brunettes. The knowledge needed helps to inform the approach in all colors, really. It’s truly less about a specific brand and more about understanding how hair textures of all kinds work and how they reflect and/or absorb different colors and tones.

Thank you, Kristin, for always being a lovely and willing subject!

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