By Highbrow

One of our favorite sayings at Highbrow Hippie is “Get Free”. Freedom is integral to the way we operate. Free to do things differently, free to be and advocate for ourselves, and free to change our minds if something isn’t working.

Through many years of roadblocks, we finally built and designed the Highbrow Hippie Atelier with our needs in mind, hoping that it would also meet a void that we saw in the beauty and wellness industries that was filled with a lot of sameness.


Highbrow Hippie

In 2019, we embraced the idea that smaller, curated and peaceful spaces were the way of the future. We knew that having a healthy blog presence and multiple revenue streams was key (aka own your domain and not be only beholden to social media). We also thought, what was the point of being in California if we didn’t take advantage of natural light and fresh air when building a space that includes hair color and chemicals?? Choosing to follow our gut and not being afraid to do things differently has always been the key.

To all this, we say, “Get Free”, and more importantly, STAY free. We remain our ancestors wildest dreams. Happy Juneteenth.

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