A Guide to Sun-Kissed Hair

By Kadi

I’ve been doing hair now for 22 years, and next week I turn 44. Half of my life spent learning all I can about my craft, and now, my first Vogue feature!  It’s a milestone that I’m super proud of, and that honestly makes me quite emotional.


Vogue A Guide to Sun-Kissed Hair for Every Shade, According to Meghan Markle's Colorist Highbrow Hippie Kadi Lee

I, like many of my peers, built my career not in the era of social media, but by putting in a lot of time assisting, good old word of mouth, and many long days and nights. I don’t have a dedicated account for hair color (and don’t plan on it;) ), and I honestly go through long periods of time where I get completely overwhelmed by not only all things social media related, but the state of the world, and just need to all the way disconnect.

Many of the most talented (and BUSY) colorists and stylists that I built my career with are the same way. They are also the people who I learned everything from. I’m so thankful for all the knowledge that was poured into me and shared with me. I may sound ancient here, but, it was simply a different time.

Most of all, I have to acknowledge my mentor and dear friend Serge Normant, who extended so much kindness and many opportunities to me as a junior colorist years ago.  He was my first boss that made sure I was paid fairly and equitably. Actions like that have ripple effects and eventually lead you to Vogue.

Thank you, Lauren Valenti, for such a generous article and also a fantastic feature of Highbrow Hippie! We are so grateful. Hope everyone is having a restful summer thus far and be sure to check out the article for all things “sun-kissed” hair.

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