A Grateful Heart is a Joyful Heart

By Kadi

We each keep a gratitude journal to express appreciation for the blessings that exist in our lives no matter how big or small. Taking the time to write these things down each day really gives you perspective. Living in gratitude keeps us at HBH focused on the good in life rather than the unpleasant, and increases the power in our affirmations. Gratitude is really a simple key to a happier life.

Here are some of the things we are grateful for today:

  1. The beautiful colors of the changing leaves this Fall. Nothing beats natures color palette
  2. The fact that the restaurant where we ate breakfast was playing Beyoncé.
  3. Champagne
  4. Our friendship
  5. Flexibility. In mind and in body.

So from the two of us at Highbrow Hippie to all of you, we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving. Celebrate. Life is good. Be grateful.


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