6 Things We’re Into for Spring

By Myka

#1: Going Green: Green is the color of the year! Go green by eating raw to keep your body alkaline. Go green by respecting the environment and Go Greed by buying vintage and recycled clothing and furniture.

#2 Pale Nails: Neutral nails are the way to go for Spring. Find your best neutral shade and layer it for different effects.

#3: Oil Cleansing: Use oil to cleanse your skin. Sounds counterintuitive, but oil binds to the natural oils in your skin nd leaves skin feeling smooth and moisturized. Plus it removes all your makeup naturally! We love the following blends: castor, jojoba and grapeseed. It’s also super easy to make your own. Follow the chart below for percentages of castor oil vs. Carrie ours. The oiler your skin is the less castor oil you will need. Add drops of different essential oils according to your skin type and you are good to go. DIY skincare!

OILY: 30/70

NORMAL: 20/80

DRY: 10/90

AGING: 0/100

#4: Pastel Matte Lips: Lips for Spring are colorful and matte. Look for shades of muted corals and pinks. We’ve been wearing  NARS ROMAN HOLIDAY for a great take on this look.

#5: Bold Brows : Brows of the moment are full and natural. If yours are still thin now is the time to start growing them in. Try rubbing castor oil on them nightly to promote growth.

#8: Hair Accessories:  Get longevity out of your blow outs by using hair accessories to try a new style or just to add a twist to your outfit. Vintage stores are great places to find scarves to use for this trend.


By Myka
Myka has always been enamored with beautiful things and making things beautiful. It’s what led her to Paris to study at Parsons School of Design, and subsequently landed her in New York. The desire to move beyond clothing resulted in working as a trend forecaster and stylist – curating trends and creating beautiful environments. Myka has lived in New York, Paris, Munich and Italy, tried her hand at furniture design and worked as an interior stylist and creative consultant and most recently a certified yoga instructor. A serial entrepreneur, her journey has led her to explore and discover different parts of herself. Eventually she landed in Europe where she spent several years before returning to her hometown of Atlanta where she opened WAX, Atlanta’s first waxing only studio and then BUFF, Atlanta’s first natural nail bar. She now resides in Venice, CA with her son and their rescue dog Piper.
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