The Reluctant Yogi

By Kadi

I recently received an email from Love Yoga in Venice, celebrating my one year anniversary as a student. It made me smile because I don’t quite remember life before Love Yoga. For years Myka told me to give yoga a try, but I always thought my body needs strenuous physical activity to be challenged – i.e. tennis, running, etc. What I didn’t realize, and know now, is that yoga is the most challenging, and the most healing. In what has been a year of major ups and downs, Love Yoga is my dependable safe place to get my mind and body back on track.

The icing on the cake is that I now call both owners, Kyle Miller and Sian Gordon, both dear friends and clients, and they both have really fun hair to paint. I paint their hair in my living room in Venice, or sometimes outside on my patio, weather permitting. It was a friendship gifted to me by another client that I hold very dear, who gave me a nudge in the right direction to start taking better care of my body and mind.

These women- we protect each other, we LOVE each other. That’s as good as it gets, and that’s what it’s all about.

All hair color by Kadi, using non-toxic products and techniques.

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