Living in Art

By Kadi

The most prestigious art show in the Americas, Basel showcases the work of more than 2,000 artists of the 20th and 21st centuries from over 260 leading galleries in the world. While attended by many die hard patrons of the arts, it has also of late become more well known for the intense party scene. Usually anything that involves me having to stand in long lines and prove my worth to party gatekeepers automatically makes me want to run in the other direction. (I’ve become INSANELY lazy, complacent, and averse to mindless partying in my old age.) So I stayed in LA, bummed to miss out on the experience, but keeping the possibility open of attending soon. And then, the universe delivered to me my own Basel experience just miles away from my own home.

For the past 4 years I have been a proud member of the Otis College Scholarship Benefit Commitee. Encouraged to participate by my dear client, mentor, friend and committee chair Shelley Reid, I’ve had the pleasure in helping to plan the Benefit and Fashion show presented by the students of Otis College each May. For those unfamiliar, Otis College, founded in 1918, is LA’s first independent art institute. Last year we managed to raise well over a million dollars to help the 80% of the student population that couldn’t afford to attend without financial aid.

Over the time I have spent on the committee, I have met some of LA’s most illustrious and enthusiastic patroness of art, none more so than the fabulous Homeira Goldstein. A self described artaholic, she sits on a dozen boards, and along with her husband Arnold, she uses her Art Deco-inspired home as a place to showcase her incredible art collection. Last Sunday, I had the chance to attend a holiday party at Homeira’s home in Manhattan Beach. Renowned for her elegant soirées and impeccable tabletop settings, Homeira is the consummate hostess. She lives for art. She supports the arts. She makes a fantasy world of color and shapes and movement her reality, every minute of her day. Her home inspired all who attended, and captured the spirit of the season. Featuring works by Robert Tolls, Simon Ouwerkerk, Suzanne Erikson, among others, and coupled with the experience of having a private gallery at every turn, it was an evening to remember. Art Basel who????










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