Black History Month Blog Collection

By Highbrow

Highbrow Hippie began over 12 years ago as a blog. It was an outlet and a way for us to express all parts of ourselves - the multifaceted, multidimensional layers that sometimes take a back seat to our professional lives and selves.

While Highbrow Hippie as a business and brand has evolved, the blog has remained a place where we go to sort through our thoughts, to reassess, and to share. If you’ve read any of our blog posts, you know we cover it all - politics, hair and beauty, fashion, motherhood, loss, friendship, entrepreneurship, living consciously…the list goes on.

One of the biggest pride points in our writing though, is that we always unabashedly tell the truth- filters be damned. Occasionally, we’ll get the ‘helpful’ hint that we should tone down our thoughts on politics, but we never veer away from writing about what matters to us - it’s why we started the blog in the first place, and no topic is off limits.

In honor of Black History Month, we’ve gathered a collection of our blog posts that spotlight so much of who we are and the pieces that we’ve shared of ourselves over the years. Within that, of course, is the reflection of who we are as Black women - in the full spectrum of our humanity, our joy, our pride, our differences, and our frustrations. Because we’ll never stop celebrating who we are, building up our community, loving ourselves, and of course, writing about it all.

Read, react, perhaps share if it moves you, as we take pride in Highbrow Hippie’s roots, and history.

xx, Kadi and Myka


The Highbrow Hippie Black History Month Blog Collection:

Day One

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Notes on Sisterhood

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Poppin' Collars

Georgia on My Mind

The Complexity of Asylum

Get Free.

Highbrow Hippie Defined

Black History is American History

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