Are You A Highbrow Hippie?

By Highbrow

A Highbrow Hippie is more of a mindset than anything else, and if you keep following us on this blog you’ll get even more insight into what a Highbrow Hippie really is. But in the meantime, we’ve put together a quick guide for you. If any of these things sound like you, then chances are you’re a Highbrow Hippie. Welcome to the vibe.

A Highbrow Hippie is neither Highbrow nor Hippie but resides in the grey area between, picking elements of each as it suits them. Highbrow Hippies have a curiosity for things outside of ourselves and use travel as an opportunity to learn about a culture and place. And pick up some cool stuff in the process.

We are are selective about where and how we spend our money. Walmart? No thanks. We prefer to support local, independent businesses that have a direct impact on the communities we live in. Highbrow Hippies don’t look to be cool, but rather to be authentic. We buy organic and prefer to eat simple, seasonal food. When we cook, we only cook what we’ll eat because we don’t believe in waste. We protect the environment because it’s the right thing to do and because the beauty of nature keeps us sane.

Equal parts boho and glamour, a Highbrow Hippie is low maintenance in the best way. We believe everyone has to live their own lives and reserve judgment for bottles of wine only. We’re flexible and go with the flow. Patchouli and wildflowers? Sometimes. Usually, we stick to our signature scents and whatever flower is in season at the farmers market (although we’re always waiting for peonies).

Highbrow Hippies aren’t attached to stuff and don’t believe our possessions define us. We’ll stay up late, move cities in a heartbeat, drink until we stumble and think front row concert seats are the only way to go.

We believe in grooming not just our bodies, but our minds. Mani/pedis, massages, waxing and hair coloring have the same priority as yoga, meditation and journaling in our book. Highbrow Hippies do cardio but are real enough to tell the truth – we hate it.

Highbrow Hippies create rituals. We believe in feminine power and let our intuition guide us. We give back to our communities. Highbrow Hippies start over and over again and approach life with confidence, excitement, and trust.


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