Disappearing Acts

When we first started HBH, we made a promise to each other that we would be patient with the growth of the blog into the brand that HBH will eventually be, and patient and understanding with each other as friends first when life got overwhelming.

By Highbrow

6 Things We’re Into for Spring

#1: Going Green: Green is the color of the year! Go green by eating raw to keep your body alkaline. Go green by respecting the environment and Go Greed by buying vintage and recycled clothing and furniture.

By Myka

Spring Fever

Recently (okay, last year….) those weekly trips came to an end and I found myself spending a lot more of my down time here in Atlanta. Backstory – I moved to Atlanta in 2009 after spending 4 years living in Munich, Germany.

By Myka

California Dreaming

Every facet of my life has been infiltrated by the influence of the ocean. From the way I dress, to the car I drive, to the decor in my home.

By Kadi

Happy New Year?!

It was filled with tension and grief and general discord. After talking with different friends, we all decided that we needed a restart and we were going to grant ourselves permission to do so.

By Kadi