Reflecting on Summer, Looking Forward to Fall

Summertime represents an opportunity for us to break away from the everyday grind of our respective routines and take advantage of the multiple holiday weekends.

By Myka

The Golden State

I love when I stumble upon a cool local store with a lovely staff. That was my experience at The Golden State.

By Kadi

A New Way To Partake

But that was in my twenties. Now that I am older (and vaporizers have been invented) there really hasn’t been the need to light up.

By Myka

Bright Lips

For years my cousin and I embraced the neutral lipgloss trend in college. And for years we had to hear the question “Aren’t you going to put on lipstick?” and reply “I’ve already got it on.” while receiving blank stares from our grandmothers and their sisters.

By Myka