Scaling back

By Kadi

In Christmases past I’ve always been obsessed with decorating.  I would venture out and find the largest tree possible for my space, and pack it full with ornaments.  Growing up I never had many holiday traditions, so going overboard was my way of changing that.  I even asked (forced) my friends to join in.  My departure from this madness started last year, when instead of doing a tree at my house, I surprised a close friend of mine who was expecting her first child and decorated a tree at her house instead.  The entire covert operation was completed while she was running errands, and it gave me renewed joy to be able to make someone else’s holiday season bright.  Not to mention the tree was tossed and the ornaments packed away after the new year by someone else.  I think we can all agree that the clean up is the worst part, right?  After not having to deal with pine remnants and tangled lights and broken ornaments, I knew that there was a slim chance I would be decorating a tree this year.  So Thanksgiving came and went, and with it, so did my decorating madness.    Working in the service industry often leaves me very mentally and emotionally depleted by year’s end, and last week I started to feel a tinge of the Christmas blues, and knew that I needed to inject some holiday cheer STAT into my home. So on my way home a few days ago, I made a quick stop at Whole Foods to take a look at their floral department to see what I could put together in the way of holiday cheer.  While there, I got the idea to do a centerpiece for my dining table that was seasonal and festive, flanked by rich, red, beautiful flora.  The end result is fragrant, cheery, and best of all, can be dumped in the trash with one motion of the arm.  Merry Christmas to me indeed:)….

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