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In growing Highbrow Hippie, we’ve been mindful about the values that we project into the world. Our goal has always been to create a brand and company that embody a more inclusive and welcoming definition of beauty.

If you’ve scrolled through our feed, you know we don’t ascribe to any specific ideal of beauty. We’re all about making space for everyone.

Notes on Beauty by Kadi Lee and Myka Harris Highbrow Hippie Blog


Recently, someone criticized one our posts and commented that we were featuring and propping up a mainstream ideal of beauty.

Don’t get us wrong, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but from our perspective, we’re proud of our team and will always showcase their work - and as for the discussion on beauty, we’re intent on not leaving anyone out of the conversation.

To us, beauty should always be about building diversity in community and conversation.

That's why we've made beauty one of our brand pillars - so that we can expand the conversation and create more space for us all to deconstruct, reimagine, and redefine beauty for ourselves. On our own time.

This month, we plan to go deeper into this conversation. We'll be talking about all things beauty and honing in on the specifics of our "beauty from the inside out" approach. As always, we hope you share your thoughts with us as we go.

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