By Kadi

A beautiful and peaceful start to another year of LIFE.


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A few months ago, like many others, I began to feel like the walls were closing in on me. My body was in incredible pain from standing 12 hours a day, and my anxiety was sky high- a by product of working through the pandemic and not given the option of socially distancing, as there is just no way to paint hair without physical touch, close contact, and a heavy exchange of energy. While clients for the most part have been phenomenal regarding our measures to keep everyone safe, each time I encountered resistance I would feel overwhelmed with panic. I would sit with Myka and our bookkeepers reviewing our budgets and goals, and wanted nothing more sometimes than to just scream at the pace and pressure of it all.

None of it was sustainable, and I knew I needed an extended break. I felt incredible guilt at letting people down and having to move appointments to make it happen, but the truth is, there would never be a perfect time. The way to create it was to just jump and have faith that all will be fine. I wanted enough time to step away to refill my cup so I could have the energy to keep going. My perspective is firmly in tact, but the joy needed to come to the surface again and replace the worry.

A loved one who lives oceans away took the responsibility in his hands and planned what has been so far an amazing trip in a magical and inspiring place. I sat alone on the first morning and my eyes filled to the brim just staring at all the beauty that surrounded me. The rush of gratitude I felt was nothing short of spiritual and earth shifting. I’m very inspired watching other women take care of their mental health and removing the stigma surrounding it. For me, it was the best birthday present I could have given myself this year, and I wish the same for anyone seeking it.

Sending love, and deep inhales and exhales from Greece.

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