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When we opened the doors to the atelier, our dream was to create a space - our version of a salon -  where clients could find respite and escape from the world.  Where, when they sit in the chair, they can slow down, get still, and feel the ease and tension of modern living dissipate. 


Beauty from the inside out blog post Highbrow Hippie by Kadi Lee and Myka Harris


Since opening, we’ve continued to be intentional in offering solutions that aim to destress modern living. That being said, this month we’re focusing the conversation around stress. Too much stress comes with an array of negative side effects - both in the short and long term - and it’s a topic, especially in the last few years, that lands in our chair more often than not.  

Whether clients are asking for opinions on age related hair thinning, shedding through any and all stages of menopause, products to help with anxiety and sleeplessness, guidance on navigating pregnancy or hair color or solutions for post-Covid related hair-loss, we’re always supporting our clients through life milestones from a beauty from the inside out approach.  Inevitably, with that, comes conversations around stress because getting it under control is always our first stop.

This month, we plan to look at all layers of stress - what it is, how to identify it in your life, and of course, exploring treatments and solutions to help minimize it.  We also want to hear from you.  What topics surrounding stress are you interested in hearing more about?  What tools and/or solutions do you use in your life to combat stress?  

We look forward to exploring it, and taking this journey together with you. 


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