Bathroom Trend: Tub in the Shower

When I first started seeing this trend pop up, I had to laugh to myself. Apparently, I have been ahead of the trend because the bathroom in my loft (which is in dire need of renovation) has had the tub in the shower for the past 15 years.

By Myka

Turquoise Takeover: Customized Nail Wraps

I love turquoise. So I was stoked when I saw that NCLA came out with a turquoise inspired nail wrap.

By Myka

SOMA Water Pitcher

I’m picky about my water. Ever since I lived in Paris and discovered Volvic (and the water bar at Colette) I’ve been a water snob.

By Myka

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2014 Highlights

The “Year in Review”. Time Magazine does it…so do countless fashion mags. Hell, every social media outlet has even gotten in the game. So, not to be left out, we wanted to compile our own reel of 2014 highlights.

By Highbrow

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Scaling back

In Christmases past I’ve always been obsessed with decorating.  I would venture out and find the largest tree possible for my space, and pack it full with ornaments.  

By Kadi