Day One

The journey of our friendship started as sales associates at the same clothing store in Atlanta, where we both attended Spelman College. We went our separate ways, traversing through grad school in Paris and a move back home to Connecticut, before running into each other, literally, on Madison Avenue each not knowing that the other resided in the same Brooklyn neighborhood. The friendship blossomed through our twenties, a time we fondly recall as “the lean years”. These years really set the groundwork on who we were, and what kind of women we were to be. We learned that though one may be to the manor born, real lessons of grace, style and beauty are learned when funds are tight and you have to improvise on the fly. We both were born to strong parents who insisted on hard work instead of handouts. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

By Kadi

Bright Lips

For years my cousin and I embraced the neutral lipgloss trend in college. And for years we had to hear the question “Aren’t you going to put on lipstick?” and reply “I’ve already got it on.” while receiving blank stares from our grandmothers and their sisters.

By Myka