SOMA Water Pitcher

By Myka

I’m picky about my water. Ever since I lived in Paris and discovered Volvic (and the water bar at Colette) I’ve been a water snob. When I lived in Europe, I would have bottles of water delivered by the case, happily returning them for recycling once they were empty. A very eco friendly way to consume water.

Fast forward to 2009 when I moved back to the States and there were no stores offering delivery of water. What’s a girl to do? It seemed so primitive to lug loads of glass bottles (plastic bottle leach chemicals into your water) up 3 flights of stairs to my house and then back down again to the recycling bin.

I looked around and my only option seemed to be the dreaded Brita pitcher. We all know how I feel about design so clearly that wasn’t an option. I opted for refilling a 5 gallon container at Whole Foods and setting it up on a ceramic dispenser. This seemed to do the trick – I only had to smile sweetly at my neighbor and he was willing to lug it up the stairs for me each time.

I was happy with my set up until I met Mike Del Ponte, the founder of SOMA, at The Unique CAMP. He too wondered why there couldn’t be a better (read: prettier) way to drink water and so set out to redesign the dreaded filtered water pitcher. What he and his team came up with is so functional, so beautiful and so eco-friendly that I immediately threw out my water dispenser and bought one. It’s my favorite find of the last year – so much so that I gave them out as Christmas presents.

Using a plant based, biodegradable carbon filter, the SOMA water pitcher filters out all the yucky tasting stuff providing a great tasting water. They will also automatically ship replacement filters automatically every two months which is super convenient.

Not only is this product beautiful and sustainably made but SOMA supports charitable giving by providing clean drinking water throughout the world through it’s partnership with charity : water. Beauty and brains? Right up my Highbrow Hippie alley.

So do yourself (and the environment) a favor and buy one of these. Buy two. Tell them I sent you by entering barbato10 in the coupon code area and save $10.

By Myka
Myka has always been enamored with beautiful things and making things beautiful. It’s what led her to Paris to study at Parsons School of Design, and subsequently landed her in New York. The desire to move beyond clothing resulted in working as a trend forecaster and stylist – curating trends and creating beautiful environments. Myka has lived in New York, Paris, Munich and Italy, tried her hand at furniture design and worked as an interior stylist and creative consultant and most recently a certified yoga instructor. A serial entrepreneur, her journey has led her to explore and discover different parts of herself. Eventually she landed in Europe where she spent several years before returning to her hometown of Atlanta where she opened WAX, Atlanta’s first waxing only studio and then BUFF, Atlanta’s first natural nail bar. She now resides in Venice, CA with her son and their rescue dog Piper.
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