Lessons Learned

By Highbrow

In case you hadn’t noticed, it has been noticeably quiet on the Highbrow Hippie website. The reasons are varied, but valid.  It started out with a site redesign, but then, between the two of us, we experienced job loss, divorce, relocation of a business, purchasing a building and a strained friendship weighted with hurt feelings, growing pains and misunderstandings.  In essence, we needed a big fucking time out.

Then, something interesting started to take place at the beginning of 2014.  Because of the forced silence, we both collectively began to get quiet.  We began to hear the sound of our voices, and started the process of moving on.  The lesson that began to emerge was clear- slow and steady wins the race, and that this too shall pass.

A long standing HBH tradition has always been our trips to Half Moon in Montego Bay, Jamaica. It’s a place that always manages to fill our memory bank with joy and good times.  Last week we took a few days there to map out some plans and initiatives for our relaunch in 2015.  As we took a walk down the path, we spotted something moving on the ground, and upon further inspection, saw that it was a struggling blue-grey baby sea turtle.  It was literally the cutest thing either of us had seen.  Along with another guest, we helped it find its way back to water, and then launched into typical HBH mode to look into the symbolism and meaning behind sea turtles.  Because we look for symbols from the Universe at all times.

What we found out not only made us smile, but further cemented what we already knew. The brilliant message from this little turtle was to not push yourself so fast that you make errors and miss opportunities. The turtle has the wisdom of knowing that all things come in divine timing, sharing the golden lesson of patience.  Further, the resilient sea turtle makes vast journeys in the sea, letting the tides take her where they will.  She surrenders in infinite trust that all will be okay, and that she will arrive when and where opportunity will serve her.

This is a beautiful lesson of enjoying the journey of your life, trusting in the flow, and partaking of the blessings that are bestowed upon the way.  In life, there is no absolute destination, but a myriad of journeys.  This is the magic that the sea turtle represents, the symbol of serendipity and experiencing happy accidents.  Of course, in our haste to help said turtle, we forgot to take a picture.  Because in true HBH style, we are usually too busy living life than worrying about documenting it, with a filter.  So, you’ll just have to take our word for it, and enjoy instead this picture of us post spa treatments in our favorite vintage Mexican dresses.

Cheers to faith, friendship, serendipity and sea turtles.  Have a wonderful and safe holiday season!



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